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How to Stream Training on Streaming Media ?

Internet streaming media technology ...... now widely accepted. Members also stream has not been widely used in corporate training team. Why? I would venture to guess that the lack of direct experience, do not hesitate to try new methods, and "what type of TV's" about your concerns contributed to the flow seems to try too hard to be successful.

Indeed, streaming media still has its limitations, especially in the delivery area full screen, full-quality video. But most of the big players on the Internet, not even fast stream of increasingly fierce competition in head to head public consent bandwidth continues to increase, the data stream provides added value to the Web service. Live and on-demand streaming is absolutely against the Internet and intranet for all types of multimedia applications, including part of the sales, marketing and training portfolio. (I think the entertainment value without controversy.)

Transfer both economical and very affordable. Because the production of training has been completed, there is no need of expensive tape or CD-ROM, copy, and transportation costs. Flow is 24 hours a day, without human intervention, can continue to stay in the company's Web site. Flow can also be archived for easy access to new employees, customers and visitors. Compared to the cost of lodging and archiving, and tape storage, mail, personnel costs associated with repeated execution of these tasks, these flows are negligible

What is liquidity?

Transfer commitment rapidly into meaningful content without aggravating wait for file downloads. Download the required files are sent to the user's PC, you can fully before playing; MP3 is a good example. The document, then left on the user's computer until they are deleted. Flow continuously send the scanned user's PC, and the user is listening or watching these same documents. When the stream is closed, no data is left on the user's machine. Flow can also be used to increase the security of password protection.

Why this technique is also applicable to training purposes? The first and most convincing answer is its availability. Unlike video or telephone conference, participants set the time and place of training activities, rather than training institutions. This is crucial when you have a group of widely distributed sales, your company has in remote areas, or are in need of training is different changes. This is also a very attractive feature for those who seek the opportunity to receive higher education.Maintenance standards and training skills are promoted streaming. The training institutions to ensure that all participants will see and hear the same program. It also makes it easier to produce the work; he or she simply "put on" the plan onceInstead of many times, you can put more emphasis on quality production values.

Streaming can be seamlessly integrated with other tools, as part of the same program. Audio streams may or 3-D graphics were used to talk about complex machines, architectural or engineering drawings. The use of video streaming and workbook exercises classroom. Combine audio, video and graphics tourist facilities for remote sales staff and customers. Use the flow is used as a guiding tool for effective too. The company handbook can be adapted to use the Internet, will be available on-demand training in the company's intranet.

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