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What is Video Streaming Meaming?

What is progressive download? How real-time video streaming over the Internet? All these questions and more are answered in this article.Corporate websites are integrating useful 'how' and video files "Introduction" page on their website, and a growing recognition that their visitors and easier to see than to see pages 3 minutes of video text.

As a matter of course now flowing through Internet video, we must ask; how does it work?First of all, we need to break the video streaming down their three most common form.

1) demand video streams

2) progressive download
3) Live

On-demand video streaming, which is one of the video content transmitted via the Internet site visitor request. One example is when you click the play button for your favorite videos and video games. This is very similar to the "progressive download", which we have mentioned, in addition to a major difference. When a video stream, and his use of streaming media server technology, culinary server is a great way to ensure the delivery of video as it should be. Various streaming video streaming server technology also allows you to do more than just through our video, we can actually have a "user interaction" with our streaming server, so that we can take a video watcher to store to buy things, we have They are watching to see in the video, "click", for example.

Progressive download: This is your video player to transfer your computer's memory all the video, while video playback.

Streaming Video: live streaming video capture device needs, such as converting video cameras, software coding, transcoding or camcorder to a video format compatible network and streaming media server.

The camcorder video encoder information, it will send the decoded video using one of the various streaming protocols streaming media server (usually via Internet). Streaming media server, and then through the transmission network encoded video to your audience will see your live video, there is usually a slight delay, what is happening in real time is generally 7~20 seconds.What is MPEG4? MPEG4 is designed to allow video PlayPack on a variety of platforms. It can be used on a computer, HDTV, PDA and mobile phones.

Although there are several video formats on the Internet, all on the basis of the stream, whether it is alive, when you need before or progressive download, using similar coding scheme for all the work from the services rendered to MPEG2, MPEG4 formats.

MPEG4 by "data channel" used to send streaming video and audio. The number of data channels is not clear. Usually we have a video transmission channel is used to transmit video data, we have 8-channel audio, usually MP3 or AAC (Advanced Audio Codec), we have the subtitles channel, and has a data channel, which allows information for delivery to and from the streaming server.The reason the video can be successfully transmitted through the network transmission method. Video, in particular, the film, is a frame made. This is taken from the traditional method, where each frame contains complete image transfer is presented to the viewer. These tables are one of the other playing, so fast that the human eye, resulting in continuous movement effects.

MPEG4 tablets by "I-frame" and "P frames. I frame is a valid frame contains all necessary to display one frame of information, wherein the P-frame is an I frame update. So what really is a decoder When an I-frame, and then a number of P frames in sports. This update changes because of this, the video size is significantly reduced. This explains why, watching video on the Internet, sometimes you see square image. This is because, P is not received within the time frame and the decoder can not upgrade these areas in the video.

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